Watching My Path Light up…


So, it’s been EXACTLY 7mos.from the day that I began my cross-country trip (Philly to San Diego) in my Jeep Wrangler. Because I was open to adventure, a lovely, seven-day journey became one of the top events of my life. I am so grateful that I was open to whatever the Universe would bring me. (My adventure is described in previous daily posts)


So seven months later, I have settled back on Maui. I live back in the same exact town where I departed from just blocks away from my previous apartment. Today, my boy & I live with a dear friend who lives just 4 blocks from my BFF. We live 1 block from the ocean and the surfing/paddling spot where I met my son’s father. Life is a BIG circle, lol!  When I left Maui for Philadelphia, I was a personal trainer, radio DJ, and primary school gym teacher. Today, I am a personal trainer& fitness instructor (the same awesome gym!), a morning show radio personality (on a different station), and a weekly emcee at a dinner lounge/night spot. I recall when I lived in Philly (and regretted leaving Maui everyday) that I thought, “Who in their right mind leaves a beautiful, exotic island home and 3 jobs that they love?  I’ll never be able to re-create that!! What an idiot I must be!!”…. Today, as I stared at the ocean, I realize that I got back everything I loved; my boy is happy; and everything is actually BETTER than when I left. How is that even possible??!!??…

NOTHING is a random occurrence! Recognize when the Universe is lighting up your path! How do you know? The events occur effortlessly & seamlessly. You feel good butterflies about opportunities opening up. Many times these fortunate events are unplanned and just fall into your lap. i.e., my friend lost her housemates just a month before I moved back to Maui; the gym owners wanted me back; I couldn’t get my job back at the original radio station – they had filled my vacancy. I never liked the music format there to begin with & longed for a morning show of my own on a super cool dance-music station. Weeks later, I’m driving my Jeep, listening to a jammin’ new station that I’d never heard before. I called the station to get the email address of the program mgr. Today, I’m the Morning Girl at the brand new station on the island. I am the only on-air personality at this station. The manager at the lounge/night-spot heard me on the air a few weeks ago and contacted the station to do some advertising. Today, I emcee their new, weekly ladies’ night event. Like I said, nothing is random. Even the seemingly negative event (my previous on-air job being filled) can be the bridge to your intended path. Your intended path is ALWAYS the path of least resistance. Your only work when these things happen is to control your mood! Follow what feels good. Stop second guessing & doubting the events. Appreciate the timing. Appreciate each step you take in your life journey. Remember, there are no wrong decisions because eventually you’ll wind up on the path intended for you but going with your gut & following your bliss will get you to the lighted path faster….


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