My Cross Country Solo Adventure Comes to an End…


Day 9 (Last Day of the Journey)

I wake up in one of those motel rooms that you really Don’t want to stay in but you just need a place to crash. My beloved Jeep is already at the car shipment port, ready for transport to Maui. The airport shuttle arrives on time and I find myself teary-eyed as I wait at the gate…


When my flight hovers over Oahu, I can barely breathe with anticipation. It’s been a long adventure to arrive at home. I left Hawaii July 2013 thinking I’d find something by moving to Philadelphia, where I grew up. What I found is that Maui is my home because that is where my heart is. It’s been a LONG two years to come full circle.

I switch planes at the inter-island terminal and I am crying with joy already and in 26minutes, I see my home…

0828151519a 0828151520

Now, if you’ve ever flown into Maui, the ride is almost always dippy & bumpy but not today. Today we fly in smooth. I know the tourists on the plane are really confused. Who cries like a baby when staring at Maui when the plane descends? I can’t explain to you the feeling of relief that overwhelms me. You ever been away from home for a long time & not know when you’re going back? You know what you long for? Sitting in your favorite cafe with your BFF; food shopping at Safeway; working out at your home gym; picking up your child from school; going to Jamba Juice…you miss the daily routine that defines your life.

I had A LOT of alone time to reflect on my life while I drove across country this week. I realized that for the very 1st time in my life – I don’t have a goal. I don’t have a plan. Everything I want is about to come true. I don’t care if nothing else comes true for me. It’s a weird place to be in life: Going home and totally open to what unfolds next. no wishes; no apprehension.


I journeyed across this amazing country for this EXACT moment. Yesterday I sat for two hours with a cup of coffee & my BFF at the wall at Cove Park watching…


our sons surfing together. Take a moment when your dream comes true. Twice I’ve landed on Maui with an uncertain future. The 1st time around Maui brought me a son, a house, and a 2nd career that I love. This 2nd time has got to be just as unbelievable…

When you drive across country, here’s what I learned:

Planning it all out makes everything easier. You can deviate from the plan but have one. Give yourself plenty of time for rest & unexpected breakdowns!  (Read over my Day 3 and Day 5 experiences). If you have low back pain, buy a BackJoy (it’s well worth the $30). Take time to visit friends along the way. See the Grand Canyon. Just be open to whatever happens during your adventure. What seems like a mishap at first ALWAYS has a silver lining.


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