Day 7 and Day 8 of My Cross Country Solo Adventure


Day 7:  I am feeling a bit melancholy already. It has been a long journey and I’ve had a couple of car mishaps BUT I must say, I would do this over again at least 10xs ! Not kidding there. Being alone with the open road, no schedule, no to-do list and plenty of time just “be”. I don’t even want to think! I just wanted to enjoy the scenery & enjoy driving. Call me small-minded. I didn’t want to listen to audio books. I didn’t really meditate. I sang tunes over & over again & loved that day’s song (today’s was “My Songs Know What You did in the Dark” by Fallout Boy).

So Day 7 started off in a leisurely fashion. My GF and I made protein banana-blueberry smoothies…

photo (18)

and spent all morning catching up on the happenings with all of our friends & family. The rest of my day was just running errands in Las Vegas. Laundry; shipping all the items in the jeep to Maui; washing the Jeep in order to prep it for shipment; getting some snacks; and …FINALLY, getting to a real gym!!! Yay, I can lift weights! And the gym had real weights with people who clearly are passionate about weight-lifting.

I felt right at home  🙂     Edge Fitness in Las Vegas:

photo (19)


Day 8:  Today, I had to get on the road early. The land journeying part of this trek to Maui is coming to an end. I thank Keilani for having me and give her a hug g’bye…


Now, I’m on the road to downtown San Diego in order to ship my Jeep from San Diego to Maui.



The landscape driving from Las Vegas to San Diego changes beautifully. The Mojave Desert and gorgeous mountain chain. It’s another beautiful day of driving through desert heat. I’m taking in the changing colors of the mountains and contemplating the end of this time of discovery.

I hopefully fly tomorrow back to Maui. I wistfully say g’bye to my Jeep at the dock. Serendipity strikes again. I meet a woman who is in line in front of me for vehicle drop-off. She is also shipping her vehicle to Hawaii. And as we talk, we discover that we are from the same town on Maui & in fact, we have at least one friend in common! She also tried to live on the mainland for over a year & found that Maui called her back.  Even in a cross-country trek when I am witnessing how immense this land is, I come across someone from home. We share a cab back to our respective hotels & promise to get in touch on Maui. The Universe always sending signs that Maui is home for me & my boy….

Tomorrow – the journey across this U.S.of A. comes to a melancholy and yet joyful end. Tomorrow, reflections on discoveries along the way and advice for anyone wanting to explore this nation totally solo…. Tune in for the Close of the Adventure.


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