Day 4 of My Cross Country Solo Adventure


Day 4:  I am seeing a pattern develop on my morning starts during this trip. I woke up to lightning/thunderboomers & downpours.


This pic was actually during a 45sec break from a downpour,lol! Well, on the bright side, the heavy rain washes away the mashed bug remains stuck on my windshield which were bothering me. Although this motel in Tulsa wasn’t the greatest; it at least had a microwave – which means popcorn for breakfast! Popcorn, multi-vitamin, cheese stick and a hard-boiled egg make up my breakfast. If one could call it that. Being on the road means improvising everything – Working out too. This morning’s workout was weightless squats, walk-out push ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, side crunches, bulgarian split squats & leg raises. Personal trainers are masters at torturous exercises with no equipment at all, lol!

So my agenda today is to drive through Oklahoma (a state I’ve never been in, even on a lay-over) Actually, I’ve never been in Indiana or Missouri either… But I digress, so drive through Oklahoma, then the top of Texas and into the town of Tucumcari, New Mexico! I have no idea what Tucumcari is famous for but I am about to Wikipedia it, lol!

Traveling through Oklahoma…this is America’s heartland, right? Pastures, fields, cows, barns and tree lines. OK was actually very green. I expected it to be acres of brown, harvested crops. That was to be later in the day. Right now, Oklahoma is quite green with some small hills. I noticed a number of Native American Reserved Lands. Haven’t ever seen those…


Then as I cross the state border into Texas, I see these! Now wind turbines I’ve seen before! There are some 26-30 wind turbines erected in the West Maui mountains. Later as I got further into Texas I see what I was expecting – thousands of acres of brown, dry, flat land and thousands of wind turbine fields! Just miles & miles of wind turbines. If you’ve never seen this with your own eyes, it’s…different. Not great but not bad either. Obviously the nation needs to pursue greener forms of energy…I have mixed feelings about how many wind turbines I am passing.


I stop at a Visitor’s Center in Texas to grab a few photos…. On to New Mexico. Strange.. OK is distinctly green pastures. Texas is distinctly brown, flat fields & wind turbines. And New Mexico is the landscape straight out of the cowboy western films where the stagecoach gets coach-jacked (?). Greener than Texas but definitely not lush and now there are mountain-like formations of rock everywhere. I get to my hotel & Y-A-Y, it has a beautiful, quiet indoor pool!


I enjoy the pool today & tonight because tomorrow it’s on to… Arizona! I am now 63% of the way across this fair nation 🙂



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