Day 3 of My Cross Country Solo Adventure


Day 3:  Doesn’t start out the way I wanted… Rolling thunderstorms throughout most of Missouri says, Yep, they’re right. 0822150944

But I remind myself to stay positive. After all, I woke up in Jean’s beautiful house & can spend some of the morning with dear friends! BTW, did I mention that 2 hours after I arrive at Jean’s house, her daughter, bless her heart, falls off of her bike & breaks both bones in her forearm?!  Emergency room visit  😦   So “broken” was a theme throughout my stay in Missouri. In the morning, after breakfast (a protein shake, of course), we head to her son’s soccer game. I notice that water is spouting out from under the hood of the jeep. I pop the hood in the parking lot at the soccer field & TROUBLE!  Something is clearly wrong, there is water-coolant mix sprayed all over my engine. (WTF!!???) Luckily I am with Jean & the soccer game gets cancelled due to rain. (predictable) So Jean calls her mechanic. Thanks for being open Firestone! So…

0822151426_0001 (1)

5hours & $460 (f-kng dollars!) later, I have a new water pump & coolant flush. What a nightmare… Good-bye kisses & thank yous to Jean & her family..


and I’m back on the road. Now I’m worried about making it to Tulsa, OK before it gets dark. I hate wandering around a new city in the dark  😦  I drive & need gas. Wow! Gas dropped suddenly overnight! $2.81 in Illinois & today I pay $2.45 in MO. I have to question the wisdom of the person that came up with the name of the chain of gas stations in this region: Kum & Go…Really?! Might wanna re-think that. But it gives me a chuckle every time I drive by the signs off of 44W.

Trying to be grateful for small blessings. OK, OK, I do realize in the scope of things that this is a blink of an eye. I should be grateful that I’m not a political prisoner in Darfur. This mechanical problem combined with the thunderstorms today threw off my great mood. I start jammin to Nikki Minaj “Super Bass” (Love that song!). Then I come across a great lil road, MO-100, that eventually leads me to Rte.44-W. MO-100 is a wonderful, curvy road through hilly mountains in Missouri. It almost reminded me of driving Upcountry or in Iao Valley on Maui! The sun came out while driving on that road & my mood picked up as I passed Gray Summit.

It starts rainin again once I hit Rte.44W..0822151608

Me looking worried about making it to Tulsa, OK before nightfall…

0822151656 (1)

I notice a lot more cows out here on the Western edge of Missouri. (Eastern border- corn/Western border- cows)  The sun starts to set as I cross into OK. Did you know that there is a Miami, OK? I never knew that!…

photo (8)

I switch my jam to Flo-Rida “GDFR” and as I find my motel, check-in & park the jeep, I notice that I am at 1,305 miles into this cross-country trek. Almost 1/2way!! Outside of the $460.00 I blew on the new water pump, I have loved the drive!! Half-way through this bucket-list adventure!

photo (9)


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