Day 2 of My Cross Country Solo Adventure



So today I travel through the “Corn Belt” of this country. I passed through Western Ohio, Indiana, Illinois & the part of Missouri that I drove grows corn. And now I must say that other than seeing Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis (home of the Indianapolis Colts – whom the Eagles crushed in the 1st pre-season opener!), it was all flat road & corn fields. Scenic but monotonous as a drive!


photo (7)

Random thoughts: Did anyone realize that if you hit a construction worker on the road that the penalty is a $10,000.00 and 14 years imprisonment? This is news to me! My drive consisted of flat roads, endless construction zones, rude&considerate truck drivers, lots of Fords and Chevys (with the exception of an occasional Camaro or Challenger- no one owns cool cars out in the Mid-west?) and this very pretty cloud sky-scape  🙂

My cruisin song today was Fresh Prince – Summertime. The perfect song for a hot, long drive, hehehe! And my fave snack on the road today was red Twizzlers. Fresh Prince & Twizzlers and an open road – good combination!

Then at the end of the day – my reward!

0821151635 IMG_5548

I arrive at my high school friend’s home! She introduces her kids – who are adorable! We start to make dinner when…her daughter falls off her bike and breaks two bones of her forearm. After the emergency room, we finish & eat dinner and talk WAY too long. The drive to Missouri was a mixed bag but generally a good time. Thanks, Jean! Luv ya!

This morning – a totally different story! Torrential rain & major car problem. Yikes!!!  Stay tuned for the story as it unfolds…



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