My Cross Country Solo Adventure




Sorry, this week’s posts will have nothing to do with dating or romance. Giving that topic a break for a bit, lol!

As I start this long cross-country journey of 2,742 miles today, I can’t help but think that I am channeling my Dad who transitioned over 4 years ago. He made his only solo cross-country trip when he was about my exact age. It’s a strange alignment. I feel like he’s re-living through me now since he is non-physical. Lookin’ out for me at every passing mile.

I’m goin’ back to Maui. Granted, I am taking the long way there, lol! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. My son is already in Hawaii so I can do this drive without worry for his safety or comfort. I am totally loving this alone time. Although in the midst of my 34th repetition of Pit Bull’s “Time of Our Lives” I wondered if I shouldn’t be meditating instead of singing at the top of my lungs. (Or maybe they’re the same thing, lol) I just drove 9 hours today from Pennsylvania to Ohio.. Traffic was Awesome! (If traffic can be awesome) OK, I hit a lil traffic leaving Philly so it delayed me 20min. And of course, there is ALWAYS something one forgets. I forget my iPod charger wire! A real panic at a rest stop when I realize this. No worries, my music plays in the “unlit” mode. I stop in Western, PA at a Walmart & get one for the road.

photo (3)

Western, PA seemed to go on & on. This pic was about 2 hours into my drive. It rained all the way through the farmlands of Pennsylvania. Still scenic & I appreciate the idyllic red barns and grain silos. The rolling hills are pretty and break-up the monotony of flat road.

Then suddenly as I cross the Ohio state line and this pretty bridge spanning the Ohio River…




…the clouds give way to sunshine! And the drive to Columbus is gorgeous. I’m enjoying the heck outta this drive. Even the rain provided an event. Today, overall, was a stellar start to this week-long trek across our fair nation!  And I reward myself with a sunset dip in the pool at the hotel here in Ohio!


On to St.Louis, MO tomorrow to visit a dear high-school girlfriend 🙂


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