When Life Changes…


Admittedly, it’s been awhile…As I read my last post (months ago) I see where events were headed. I met a man who wanted to move to a tropical destination. I told him that me & my boy missed Maui terribly. As we spent time together & grew closer, I encouraged him to pursue his dream of leaving the frigid Northeast to set up life near the beach. One day he looked at me & said, “Why do you tell others to do what’s in their heart and yet you keep your boy & yourself in a place that makes you both miserable? Go home to Maui…” Yesterday this brilliant, sensitive, sexy man left on a plane bound for Florida. He had applied for a position near the beach and got the job. Now he can wake up and jump right in the pool at his new complex before going to work just a few blocks from the beach. He dreamed it and was brave enough to make it happen. Hats off!

Meanwhile, I pondered his sage advice & decided to go home where our hearts belong – to Maui. Today my son is surfing off the South shore of Maui & I am planning my last adventure here on the mainland: a cross-country trek in my beloved Jeep Wrangler. Gonna drive from Philly to Cali with a few scenic stops along the way and fly from Cali back to Hawaii. I gave it a good shot back here in Philly, where I was born & raised. It no longer feels like home.

So…  This + This = This

X-Country Road Trip

A map showing the west coast of the United States, including Hawaii. Maui and San Jose, California, are highlighted.


I’ll be doing a solo journey and I’m sure a LOT of self-reflection will happen. Wish me luck and watch the details of my journey here. I’ll post pics and my experiences everyday. Thanks to the caring, young man who helped me see that it was ME standing in the way of my own happiness, nothing else. Isn’t that so often the case? I will be forever grateful to him (who also landed in a tropical location that begins with “M” and ends in “I”). Serendipitous….To quote my own blog post…

“Sometimes the reason why someone appears in your life isn’t clear at first. Each person in your life was drawn because they matched your vibration. How they contribute to your journey sometimes takes some work to determine…Stay in appreciation of each person that spends time in your life because the interaction is unique and can provide learning or growth or support or friendship or love. The reason doesn’t have to be clear right now. The reason becomes clear later….”


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