Forward or Behind


I am convinced that successful driving is a metaphor for living joyfully.


Think about it… Good drivers:

1) …are sharply focused on the path immediately in front of them, especially in darkness or bad weather.

i.e., “Just gotta’ get through this part”; “Focus on the task at hand”; “This is just today – tomorrow is a new day”

2) …do not (and usually can not) focus their attention on the road 2 miles ahead of the car. OK, yes, on occasion, they’re on flat road & they may check the horizon ahead for general direction and use huge landmarks for reference.

i.e.,”Don’t count your chickens…”; “Don’t worry about tomorrow, it takes care of itself.”

3) …only look behind in the rear view mirror for a split second to avoid unexpected dangers sneaking up from the area they’ve already passed then they shift their eyes back forward.

i.e., Focusing on the past ensures a repeat of it. You cannot drive well while looking backwards.

4) …do not pay much attention to distractions that do not immediately affect their car.

i.e., “Minding one’s own business”. Don’t worry about what others are doing & thinking – it doesn’t affect you.

5)…cannot look at the road directly under the car. They focus only on the area immediately forward up to 800 feet ahead. They focus on where they want to go; not where they currently are. (Unless they are parking,lol)

Finally, good drivers LOVE to drive. They love the experience. They enjoy the drive,the journey no matter what the destination. They drive with confidence, clarity & fun. They enjoy going somewhere and moving forward. Good driving has so many parallels to living joyfully.


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