Stop Pointing at Others


I have a New Years resolution to look at my own choices & behavior before pointing the finger at others. Pointing at the behavior of others does little to help you grow as a person, especially as a person in relationship. There are 2 important reasons to stop pointing at others to blame.

1) In the Law of Attraction – you draw all persons and circumstances who/that are a match to your emotions. ALWAYS

2)  You have little or NO influence on the journey of another person so why spend any time worrying, debating, discussing or analyzing their choices & behavior?


Pointing Fingers

When looking at a string of negative dating experiences, examine where you are emotionally. You have drawn these circumstances to yourself with maybe some doubt, some negative thinking, some depressed emotions… It may be time to take a break to get to a happier place. Or if your relationship has hit a rocky place, examine the vibration you’ve been putting out there in the past few weeks & months. Are you unhappy, tired, doubtful, cynical? Well, it’s no wonder that circumstances changed to match your own emotional vibe. Always examine self when questioning your circumstances.


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