Recognize When Your Path Lights Up


Sitting at a place where you aren’t sure of your path? Changes are starting to happen and you aren’t sure of the direction you should take?

lighted path

For example, you are walking down the street and you unexpectedly run into an ex that you were crazy about over a decade ago. You are both single. Why did that happen? You are restarting a connection but where do you take it? Or another example, your career is at a standstill when suddenly a potentially negative labor-force cut occurs at work. You are affected. In a strange impulse you call an old employer and with some serendipitous timing, your former position is open & they loved you when you were there.

These aren’t just random occurrences! Recognize when the Universe is lighting up your path! How do you know? The events occur effortlessly & seamlessly. You feel good butterflies about opportunities opening up. Many times these fortunate events are unplanned and just fall into your lap. Even the seemingly negative event (getting laid off) can be the bridge to your intended path. Your intended path is ALWAYS the path of least resistance. Your only work when these things happen is to control your mood! Follow what feels good. Stop second guessing & doubting the events. Appreciate the timing. Appreciate each step you take in your life journey. Remember, there are no wrong decisions because eventually you’ll wind up on the path intended for you but going with your gut & following your bliss will get you to the lighted path faster….


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4 thoughts on “Recognize When Your Path Lights Up

  1. Hi. I use the lava traction teachings but I’m wondering if you feel that you ever get stuck? I feel in my community I am a leader in this area but still struggle and don’t know where to collaborate for support.

    • Hi, Jessica! Thanks for reaching out! “Lava Attraction”, lol! I love that! There are a few online resources that have created Law of Attraction follower communities: Abraham-Hicks has a Facebook page:
      Also, there is a world-wide LoA web group that I am active with:
      And there is an online magazine based in LoA that has a Facebook page too:

      For right now, that’s all I can think of but I am sure your favorite Law of Attraction authors all have blogs & webpages where you can turn to for help. Also, here is a Abraham-Hicks YouTube excerpt that addresses feeling stuck.

      I hope this all helps. You can always reach out to me here or via email:

    • Hi, again! I hadn’t answered your question: Do you ever feel stuck?… You bet I do!! Feeling “stuck” is all part of being human. Understanding that feeling stuck just means that you need more clarity on a topic. Wait with understanding & a knowing that all will be clear when all of the events are ready to unfold. When I feel frustrated, I listen to friends who are positive & are strong LoA followers who usually steer my thoughts back to the positive. AND I listen to Abraham Hicks on YouTube all day long! Lol!! Don’t beat yourself up. It’s ALL part of your human journey. All the best in your life travels & feel free to reach out anytime! ~Chris

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