Got Duped?


Many of us have been there…


I’ve not met anyone, man or woman, who has been dating for a while who hasn’t “been duped” at one point or another. It’s happened to me. The measure of someone is not IF s/he has gotten knocked down. The measure of a person is how they use the experience to develop perspective & bounce back. Here is the key to surviving “being duped”. STOP focusing on the person, their motives, their behavior! If you focus on the negativity of the circumstance, you will attract more of it. Instead, take a few days to feel bad but then learn something about YOURSELF. What vibration are you putting out there that a person who matched you showed up? Identify how you felt the few weeks before meeting this person. What did s/he represent to you? How did s/he make you feel that you invested a part of your piece of mind in their presence?… Answer those questions. Take your time to focus on you and get in a positive, happy emotional place before you are off to your next adventure in dating!


My Online Dating guide is an eBook now available through Amazon/Kindle at the link below:

Hard copy is available by contacting Chris Dee directly.


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