Party Conversation


While Talking with a Friend…


At a recent party, I started talking with a friend who moved into the topic of dating (imagine that!, lol)  My friend was in a place where many friends sit – indecision. “Chris, I went on this date recently but, I don’t know…I notice that in the last year, I go on a lot of 1st dates but it never goes any further.” I asked how he felt about that “Well, I’m not that bothered really. I am SO busy with graduate school, I just don’t have the time & energy for anyone…but I DO want a relationship”. I smiled inwardly, this is a typical story I hear from numerous friends in this 24/7, hectic, electronic world. “I want to find someone but I don’t have the time or energy to put into it!”  So then this friend is conversing with me & wondering why nothing is blooming.

When you approach ANYTHING with conflicted energy or 50/50 energy or tenuous vacillation, you draw out of the Universe results that reflect EXACTLY that:  Kinda’ what you want but nothing that knocks your socks off. An easy example – hit a ball against a wall. It only returns to you with the EXACT energy that you exert to hit it. If you are undertaking the journey of online dating or dating as whole, how much positive energy are you hitting the ball with? That’s the energy & result that you will get back.


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