Like Yourself 1st



As I sit down with folks to discuss the online dating process, my 1st question is “Do you know who you are & do you like yourself?”  If there is any hesitation in their response or if their response is decidedly negative, I firmly state that they are NOT ready for the Online Dating process.

There are 3 reasons for this:

1) According Law of Attraction, you will attract a person in a similar emotional state & in a similar stage of their journey in life. Do you know anyone that searches for a mate who doesn’t like themselves?

2) Online Dating can be a fun process or a hurtful, frustrating process. I will guarantee you that hurt & frustration will be part of this process if you don’t complete the “self-work”  first.

3) Online Dating, indeed dating in general, is a step-by-step learning process. It is a means to learn about yourself; learn about your likes/dislikes; learn about others and learn about who you are in a relationship. When you do not know yourself and like yourself before entering this process, the crucial self-learning is lost as you focus on the wrong things (the hurt feelings, the loneliness, and the silly details of “he said, she said”)

Come to a good place about who you are then approach this Online Dating growth process.


My Online Dating guide is an eBook now available through Amazon/Kindle at the link below:


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