Examine Yourself and Then..



We’ve all seen or read some form of this thought. Many of you strongly believe this tenet. So why do we continue to wallow in the relationship mistakes of the past? Some folks even join groups that focus intensely on relationship problems. Therapy is designed to delve deeply into your “psychological” problems. So if we are thinking about how we are plagued with our “problem” and we believe in the above statement – this means we are creating more & more of our relationship problem!! Law of Attraction is as simple as that! I’ll use myself as an example. I had failed relationship after failed relationship; therapist after therapist. Eventually I joined a support group where members shared very intensely about their troubled pasts in the area of love and family. I headed up this group in my town for years. I finally got sick of the analysis and was in sheer disgust & disbelief! I was stuck. Then I was introduced to & embraced the Law of Attraction and I realized that the analysis of one’s past is only Stage One in the process of completely letting go of the pattern. Once you understand why a pattern is created, the 2nd crucial step in the process is to Change Your Thinking!!! Everyone misses this step. Start focusing on what’s happy in your current life. Focus on images of a happy future. Start working towards a fun, unrelated project. STOP focusing on the “problem”! Because in reality, that problem only exists in your mind. Examine, learn, and then LET GO of it!


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