Change and Re-Evaluation


“The one constant in life is…Change” or “A tiger never changes its stripes”. I’m sure you’ve heard both of these phrases at one time or another.

Change Letters

I have seen people change (including myself) as they experience life events and as wisdom is gathered. Do you have a sibling or good friend who changed drastically after they had children? Or maybe the same thing happened to someone you know after they experienced a divorce? Or maybe change just happened subtly as the decades passed?

What I find is that there are unique personality traits that MAY stay the same through life experiences but what ALWAYS changes are your priorities. When I was 18yo, my top priority was establishing who I was; establishing my identity. Years (and years) later, my top priority is being present for my son & staying fit. But friends & family will tell you that the adventurous, talkative, active & independent-minded girl hasn’t changed much.

Take a moment to reflect on what has changed about you and what has changed about your priorities. It will definitely affect what you look for in a dating partner and in dating experiences. Re-evaluate what and who suits you now as compared to last year or 3, or 5 years ago. You may find some surprises!


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