Wiser friends remind me during coffee chats that the Universe has its own perfect timing for things. A flower blossoms when its ready, not a minute before.


I am a “results-oriented” individual who would never be described as patient, calm or laid-back, lol! I laugh at my own tendencies. I have to laugh or I’d go crazy. I am learning through experience that jumping too quickly to make events happen results in a poor quality product. Especially in romantic relationships.

I recently sat in a coffee shop (whose tables were WAY too close together). While drinking my morning coffee, I overheard a couple (who clearly had only been dating a short time) who were not communicating well. The female asked, “ how do you feel about marriage? I mean do you eventually see us getting married?” The man rolled his eyes in annoyance and responded, “Really? You’re gonna ask me that on a Sunday morning before I drink my cup of coffee?’ He grabbed his coffee & they walked out to the car – not speaking to each other.

This was a VERY typical example of what happens when someone in a relationship tries to “make something happen” because they lack patience. When one forces something into place instead of allowing the Universe to gather the perfect components at the right timing, one gets a result that will eventually go wrong and fall apart. This was a woman who was dating “to get married”. When you date for this purpose instead of dating to learn about new people; learn about your likes & dislikes; learn about who you are in a relationship; and to just enjoy fun moments … well, you are NOT letting the Universe do its magic. This could’ve been a relaxing, fun, pleasant Sunday morning coffee where this couple could grow closer. Instead he’s trying to run as far away from her as possible. I can predict what will happen in her dating future. Have patience! The Universe will put it all together much better than anything you can imagine.

I have more insights but you’ll need to get my eBook, lol! Good luck in this journey & remember – you draw exactly what you FEEL. YOU are the one who controls what comes to you. Have fun!!!


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