The Diversity of Online Dating


Hinge, Tinder, Date and Grow, Match, OK Cupid, or even Facebook…


There are a million online dating mediums these days. New online dating mobile apps (i.e. Tinder) are hugely popular. Then there are the traditional (Match or Plenty of Fish) and even philosophy-based dating sites (i.e.Date and Grow). Some folks are even using online social media as their sole resource to meet new people. Every demographic (age, culture, profession, etc.) is represented by one or more different sites.

Think of all the match-ups that ever occurred in human history. Billions & billions. Is there one certain catch-all key to success? Is there one rule that has never been tested or broken when it comes to dating?   “You must know each other for at least a year”;  “Opposites attract”;  etc., etc… The truth is, there is no one, proven way to date. There is no Golden Rule. There are a billion or more possibilities for success. What rule do I follow myself? I do only what feels fun & comfortable for me at ALL times. To heck what everyone else thinks! Lol!

Choose the site or app that feels the funnest & most comfortable for you and HAVE FUN with ALL of it!

I have more insights but you’ll need to get my eBook, lol! Good luck in this journey & remember – you draw exactly what you FEEL. YOU are the one who controls what comes to you.


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