Go Back or Move Forward?


Sometimes in romance/relationships, in fact in many areas in life, there is a point where circumstances put us at a cross roads. Do I return to a person, place, situation that I already know and am familiar with or do I move forward with a new person; or to a new place; or to a new circumstance?

Go Forward

This cross-roads can plague your mind and cause you much angst. People may offer advice. I will not give you an answer. I will only point out that life and learning never stop. Just like time – they are in constant motion forward. So even if you decide to stay in the familiar, you are not the same person you were when you first encountered that person, that job, that location so your experience will bring you new learning (or it should). Flip side, a new relationship, new job, etc. will bring new opportunities to create a new you as well. Make your decision with the intent to learn more, discover more, grow & change. In this way, you will never make a “wrong” choice because you will ALWAYS be moving forward.


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