Vetting – Know Your Priorities


Admittedly, there is a process of vetting involved in online dating but the process is MUCH easier, clear and straightforward than conventional dating. (Yay for ease!)

The 1st step in any vetting process is knowing your own priorities. Identify your vital 3 or 5 (or more) characteristics. How do you know which characteristics are vital? If you compromise on any of them, you will be compromising yourself & risking your future happiness. Of course, if you have 53 vital characteristics that you are seeking, this might need more thought….


These characteristics are not compromise-able. Knowing yourself well and feeling confident about your life choices is the key here. You can also create a secondary and even third-level list of desired characteristics which have differing levels of importance with room for compromise. Don’t judge yourself for your priorities. And remember that others will be more than happy to comment on your priorities. But it is YOUR life. The people drawn to you will have these characteristics because you will be clear about your wants & priorities. The Universe sends you what you focus on. I have seen this in my own life time and time and time again. Be clear and unyielding about your top priorities as your priorities become your life.


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