A Simple, True Love Story…



This is a story that you can probably repeat because it has happened to friends or acquaintances. A close GF shared the story of how how she met her husband online. This while over a cup of coffee with her adorable 1yo toddler sitting in the stroller next to us. While seeking pure “fun” without expectation and flitting about from one person to another like a butterfly to flowers, she met her future husband for a date one night & never left his house. They are happily married. She adopted his school-aged boy & they now have their toddler. She is intensely happy. We all have stories of friends just like this one. How does this happen?…

By focusing on the “what” rather than focusing on the “who”, you keep the door open for what you seek to enter your life.… Make an effort to just switch your thoughts to a description of what type of relationship you want to draw out of the Universe to you. When you can think more generally about relationships, you can usually get to more positive feeling place about what is coming to you. Keep that door open. Allow the Universe to gather the best components for WHAT you want and welcome the relationship that you deserve and is a match for your future… THAT’S how it happens!


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