What To Do When It’s Not a Match


OK, more detail on this topic (not my usual material but here goes, again Lol!)…. You are on a 1st or 2nd date and you KNOW beyond a doubt that this is NOT a match.

Not a Match

You are no longer interested. Many folks express discomfort & dread with this moment. Just as a reminder, your profile should have already “weeded out” those who are far off from what you are looking for (Buy & read my book below if you aren’t sure how to construct your profile). But there are times when a person looks like a good prospect for a match on paper but in person, well, it feels differently. There are several ways to handle this comfortably. I will outline one way here:

BEFORE you meet, state that you feel most comfortable messaging about any follow-up meeting AFTER your 1st date is over. This way, the other person knows not to expect a commitment to a call or 2nd date arrangement. Be VERY clear about this. Stick to your guns even if the other tries to cajole you into a commitment. If they are offended by this suggestion, well, do you really want to deal with them if they can’t be understanding?

When you arrive back home, give it some thought & if you truly KNOW that you do not want to continue with this person, send them a very nice message. “I’m not feeling the chemistry or connection that I know you are seeking and deserve. It was very nice learning about you and I do wish you well in your search to find a match for what seek. All the best.”. That’s it. Do NOT go back and forth with the person about why or maybe next time, etc., etc.

I have more tips but you’ll need to get my eBook, lol! Good luck in this journey & remember – you draw exactly what you FEEL. YOU are the one who controls what comes to you. Have fun!!!


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