1st Date Tips


OK, I usually don’t focus with such detail on this topic but here goes…. Been on much more than my share of 1st dates & I can only share what works for me.


So a little about me. I love discovery&adventure. I love fun conversation. I hate wasting time. That being said here are my bullet point guidelines for a 1st date:

  • It’s supposed to be FUN! It’s about discovery, fun & learning about a new person who could become a friend or not. If you aren’t in that mindset – you’re doomed.
  • Your profile should have already “weeded out” those who aren’t compatible (Buy & read my book below if you aren’t sure how to construct your profile). so use the 1st meeting to confirm the information you already know .i.e. “It’s great that you want kids. I am a primary school gym teacher so I adore school-aged children!” or “It’s so hard to find a person who loves weight-lifting as much as I do. What’s your weekly lifting routine?”
  • Go into a 1st date with a list of 5-6 top priorities for yourself. Mine are: Loves kids; loves to lift weights; view all aspects of life from a positive perspective; high energy/activity level; know themselves & are comfortable with themselves; grounded & wise; (loving the NFL gives them brownie points!, lol). State these priorities & get their take on these to gauge their match to your wants & needs.
  • STOP TRYING TO SELL YOURSELF!!!!   They aren’t buying a used car. YOU have control, YOU are ascertaining whether this person suits what you are looking for. If it’s a match then there is a 2nd meeting. If not, then you’ve had a pleasant time out with someone or you’ve made a friend. It’s NOT that big a deal!!!
  • At the end, thank them for meeting with you but I wouldn’t say “I’ll call you” or “Let’s do this again”. Give yourself some time to digest & see how you feel. I would say, “Hey, lemme message you tonight. Get home safe!” AND THAT’S IT.

I have more tips but you’ll need to get my eBook, lol! Good luck in this journey & remember – you draw exactly what you FEEL. YOU are the one who controls what comes to you. Have fun!!!


  • Need guidance on how to date “LoA-Style”? Private e-mail consultations are available for personalized guidance in your dating journey AND
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