Be Aware of your Feelings


We were all given a built-in “GPS” system to navigate life. This system is called “Feelings”.


Sadly, we have been trained, in most cases, to ignore this innate guidance system. When you are meeting new people or faced with a decision or in a new situation, listen to your GPS system. Your feelings will steer you in the direction that the Universe has laid out for you. It is the easiest path. So if you feel relieved or happier with a certain decision or if someone gives you an “icky” feeling, that is your inner guidance system. Listen to your feelings – it’s always the best choice to follow what feels best.


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2 thoughts on “Be Aware of your Feelings

  1. I love the GPS reference! My family and I took a vacation recently and got lost because we ignored the GPS. The same is true in life. We can avoid getting “lost” if we pay attention to the internal guidance you mention here 🙂

    • I’m glad the “GPS” reference resonated with you! I must admit that Abraham uses that reference so it wasn’t my original idea. But it really does illustrate so clearly how we can use our emotional system that was given to us at birth as a navigational system for decision-making. Thanx very much for chiming in! Travel in the Vortex!

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