Want to Ruin your “Now” Vibration? Worry About the Future


I have a friend. She is just rejoining the dating world after some 15 years of focusing on children and career. She just started seeing a man in the last three weeks. Yesterday she called me up to catch me up on how it was going so far. “Well, he’s older than I had hoped. I worry about becoming a caregiver to a partner. He doesn’t lead a healthy lifestyle so this compiles my worries about his declining health & eventual incapacitation..etc.,etc.”


After about 2 more sentences, I interrupted her. “What is his name?…Did you enjoy your dinner date last week?…Did you laugh?…Which movie did you see together?” In her all of her worry, she forgot that having fun is supposed to be the main reason you choose someone to spend time with. She was obsessing over all the logistical reasons why a relationship with that person would not work in the future. A classic case of putting the cart before the horse (which we all know leads you nowhere). Worry about the future sets a negative vibration in the present moment. We all know this draws from the Universe the exact thing you are obsessing about. Instead, if you focused on having fun and enjoying the moment, you would not be wasting time in valueless worry; nor would you be endangering your future with negative energy. Note to self: Worry is damaging and a complete WASTE of time & energy.


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