A Vibrational Match


Understanding the Law of Attraction, “Like attracts Like”. What does this mean regarding your interaction with other people?…


Be aware of your mood. Be aware of how you feel about yourself, your life, other people. Are you generally a happy person? Do you usually see the positive in a situation? With your mood & it’s intensity, you send out a vibration into the universe; very similar to the ripple in a pond. The Universe responds by sending you circumstances and events that will AMPLIFY or EMPHASIZE your current mood. The Universe doesn’t just send you what you want because you ask for it – you have to line up your mood to match those happy circumstances. For example, if you are feeling lonely, betrayed, and bitter, I can guarantee that the Universe will send you a person or circumstances that “prove” to you that this is a lonely, bitter world full of people who betray you. On the other side of the rainbow, when you view others as co-creators with you who bring the unique characteristics that make them special and you can appreciate everything they bring, you will draw a fun adventure of discovery. You have the choice to be a Vibrational Match to your dream. Choose your thoughts wisely.


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