It’s ALWAYS About Y-O-U


When friends or clients share with me about dating or relationships, they are usually disappointed with my reaction. I never give attention to the events they describe. I am usually dismissive about the partner they are describing. When a person describes anything, I am focused on where they are in their own journey towards their Source, the Vortex. Their words actually reflect their alignment or misalignment and what their point of attraction is.


Are they holding themselves apart from happiness and just using a person (dating partner, girlfriend, spouse, child, co-worker, boss) and that person’s behavior as the distraction or excuse? In other words, it’s NEVER about another person. Your discomfort or your joy is only EVER about your own alignment with self; knowing yourself and liking yourself exactly as you are. Only when you’ve reached this place of groundedness & happiness with self can you be free of the emotional effects of other’s choices & behavior.


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2 thoughts on “It’s ALWAYS About Y-O-U

    • Much of my expertise & experience in this arena is because I was a hard-headed learner of this lesson myself, Lol! It’s ALL part of the delicious journey! Thank you for sharing! ~Chris Dee

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