Do You Keep Telling the Same Story?…


Our lives create a story. You may have forgotten that YOU are indeed the author!


Each time you tell others a story of your relationship history, dating history, the story of your marriage or about your children, you are creating a future full of the same stories. Do you like the story that you tell? Does it fill your heart with warmth? Or do you feel sad or angry as you tell your story? You control the plot, the setting, the events as they unfold and by just telling this same story over and over again, you invite more of the same. If you don’t like your life story, start changing how you tell things… For example: “I have REALLY learned from past experiences and am heading into a (relationship, parenting style, career, etc.) that I can’t wait to watch unfold”.


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It is the PERFECT guide to those Law of Attraction followers who are delving into the Online/Internet Dating world.


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