“Girl, I’ll Meet You for Coffee and Tell You All About It…”


It starts off innocently enough… A friend calls and has some relationship gossip (either his/hers or someone else’s). Sounds like fun & you’ve been meaning to catch up with them.


After a little while, the conversation turns negative. “Oh, woe is me! This always happens. Wo/Men are just like that – a mess! And you can NEVER find a good one…Or the one’s you find are undercover players or outright C-R-A-Z-Y!!”  If your conversation takes this turn, time to change the subject or “Oops, look at the time! I got an appointment about a thing with a guy. It was great but gotta’ go!” When you help to perpetuate negativity about the woes & complaints of dating & relationships, you are sending out a negative signal to the Universe. And the Universe will comply and send you everything you or your friend are complaining about! Anyone can have a negative day. On these days, I trust my own BFF (that’s why she’s my BFF!)  to look at me, smile & say, “Chris, is that REALLY what you want to say?” Turns me around and sets me on the positive path back towards the Vortex. If I can’t turn it around then I just shut up. Be a good friend (or have a good friend!) and stop the negative chatter! (I dedicate this post to my BFF, Anita, who listens to me over MANY cups of coffee!)


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