There Is No End…


Remember, …”you cannot get anything wrong – because the journey never ends”~Abraham Hicks



The path you are on (in relationship, dating, parenting, friendship, learning, etc.) does not end. Even in a long term, committed relationship, the journey of learning and changing continues. As human beings we are evolving with every breath. We get caught up in “mistakes” we’ve made but in the bird’s eye view of our life’s journey, THERE ARE NO MISTAKES. There is just the path that is uniquely yours. You might choose a path that others wouldn’t choose but it’s still the path that you were meant to take. There is learning & change with every step. Focus on the long journey of your life (the fun, the experiences, the joy, the expansion, the learning) and stop the microscopic view of today’s mistake. You’ll come to a point of clarity & peace knowing that there is no mistake because there is no end.


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