Recognize and Appreciate the Moment Your Dream Comes True


I once dreamed of living on an exotic island get-away. (I plastered my sun-less office cubicle with photos of dreamy islands). I then dreamed of becoming a radio DJ (I even went & got my radio/television broadcasting certification). I once dreamed of having a rambunctious, laughter-filled, mischievous little boy (I went to an adoption agency to start the paperwork). I once dreamed of owning a bad-ass Jeep to drive along the beach while singing Flo-Rida tunes. (I would stare at every cool Jeep that drove by)


I once dreamed of working in a gym (my favorite place to be) so that I could enjoy the island, my little boy & my Jeep as much as possible. Stop the analysis. Stop the “why isn’t it happening for me?” story. In my life, dreams came true without me even realizing it by doing these 3 things: 1) Wishing for it   2) Forget about the “how” and just be happy enough in the moment that you even forget about the dream   3) When the opportunity arrives – jump all over it faster than you can take your next breath.

(I took that pic of my boy on my Jeep on the beautiful island just before going to work at the gym! And later that day after I picked up my boy from school, we went to radio station to record my nightly show. Lol!!!)   

When your dreams come true take a moment to be outrageously grateful. Ride that wave of Appreciation… And then set off for your next big dream….


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