Help! I Can’t Let Go!


I am hearing this a lot lately… “It was a bad break-up. I THINK it’s over but every time I am just starting to get my life back, they show up again! What am I to do? I can’t let go! Is it a sign from the Universe that it was meant to be? It’s such a push&pull of emotions! It’s destroying me!”…You are clinging for dear life.


As hard as this is to swallow while you are in this state…. Look at yourself. Is the current state of mind that you are in comforting? The chaos you are experiencing – do you think it is IN the Vortex? Or OUT of the Vortex? Do you want the turmoil to continue & carry on? I think the answers are obvious. YOU control every small part of your destiny. YOU are creating these circumstances through your vibration. Your circumstances have NOTHING to do with the other person. When you are not at peace with your current circumstances or at peace with your future, the Universe sends you more chaos.  Perhaps that is why they keep returning? I have seen friends and clients circle around & around in an endless loop of psychological torture over an ex. Some waste years in pain. The momentum of negative thought, chaos & torture will continue unless Y-O-U make a conscious and concerted effort to change your thoughts. Do ANYTHING to get yourself off of the topic of “him/her” and force yourself to focus on some other part of your life. Find ANYTHING positive to focus on – work, your children, friends, a project, your health, a hobby. As you continue to cling to another person for your happiness, you deprive yourself the keys to your serenity, calm & peace of mind. Stop clinging. Let go – the rewards are untold.


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