Keep the Door Open


By focusing on the “what” rather than focusing on the “who”, you keep the door open for what you seek to enter your life.


Usually when you are focused on wanting a specific person in your life, well, 99% of the time you are focusing on how or why they are NOT in your life. You are focusing on “lack of”. The Universe may know that that specific person you hope for is nowhere near a vibrational match to your future. Meanwhile you are pining away for them. Try hard to switch your thinking… Make an effort to just switch your thoughts to a description of what type of relationship you want to draw out of the Universe to you. When you can think more generally about relationships, you can usually get to more positive feeling place about what is coming to you. Keep that door open. Allow the Universe to gather the best components for WHAT you want and welcome the relationship that you deserve and is a match for your future…

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