Can You Find Joy in Online Dating?


So many friends have a negative perspective of online dating. Why?… I truly enjoy the process. Why?…As I coach people in the arena of dating, I find that the people who have fun with it have several things in  common:


1) They already have a lot of positive things in their life that they also focus on

2)  They look forward to the experiences they are about to have

3)  They do not attach their self-esteem to the outcome of any project

4)  They love learning. Learning in all areas of their lives

5) They do NOT identify themselves as”Losers” or having any sort of diagnosis or pathology


Dating, whether online or in the real world, can be loaded with opportunities for hurt & bruised egos. The key to staying positive & happy about dating is to LIKE yourself!!! To Heck with what others think about you, your decisions & your behavior. My saying is’ “Are they paying my rent & my electric bill?…No? Then to heck with them!” Of course, that’s not the point but it gets the point across. Dating and the results that you net are a DIRECT reflection of how you feel about YOURSELF!!! Be sure and proud about who you are and what you stand for and those who are like you will flock to you – THEN it’s all about F-U-N!!!!!


My book “Enjoy Online Dating Using the Law of Attraction” is NOW available on Amazon Kindle!!

It is the PERFECT guide to those Law of Attraction followers who are delving into the Online/Internet Dating world.


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