Try Something New…Just Watching It Unfold!


You have a date or phone call with someone new. It goes well. Then the wheels start turning in your head…


Why did they ask that? What did that smirk mean? Was I laughing too much? Do they really like me? Will they call me today? What will we do the next time we meet? Should I have said that? Did they like what I was wearing? Will they jump back on the dating site today?  … Sometimes we even take action to quell our doubts or to further analyze the event. You call them; text or email to ask a question or set up the next meeting right away…How about trying something different? Stop the analysis. Step back & enjoy the moment. You had a nice time meeting someone new. There need not be a future moment. No need to try to find out “where this is going”. Enjoy the unfolding and bask in the moments of uplifting human interaction. It is in pure enjoyment that the Universe gets the signal to send you more joy. It will unfold in a way that you’ll learn from the experience – that much you do Know.


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It is the PERFECT guide to those Law of Attraction followers who are delving into the Online/Internet Dating world.


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