The Coffee Date


“Sounds great! I look forward to meeting you over coffee at the Cup O’ Joe Cafe!”… You end the call (or email message) then you begin spinning with panic… Stop and BREATHE.


Coffee is just that – a cup of $2.10 coffee and 20 minutes of your day or night. When you place too much importance on an event and you attach your self-esteem to the outcome of a simple coffee date, you are approaching online dating from a precarious perspective, my friend.  Meeting a prospective dating partner for the 1st time is akin to trying out a new restaurant. Yes, you’re excited to try it out. Yes, you look forward to your experience, Yes, you can’t wait to feel the ambiance & find out why this restaurant is special. Yes, it’s going to be fun! If the restaurant is great & makes you feel good & you learn something about cuisine then you’ll be going back for more. If the restaurant is not to your taste or liking then at least you tried it and it was fun to be going out. Coffee dates are as simple as that! In the end, it’s all about a fun, new experience  🙂


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