In the Thick of a Blizzard…


When you’re in the thick of a s— storm of negative circumstances, what do you do?… Especially in the dating world, it can really affect your mood when things aren’t going well. But think of a negative phase of dating events just like the blizzard in a snow globe…


Things get shaken up and everything in that little world seems blurry & hopeless. Remember, there is a whole world outside of the “dating” snow globe. There are a number of things in your real world that are going well and are stable (health, family, children, job, housing, finances – whatever it may be). Focus outside of the microcosm of romance when it seems the storm is brewing. Eventually, just like in the snow globe, the crap settles and all will be well again.  Focus outside of the “snow globe” and things will get better – they ALWAYS do… Stay warm, Everyone!


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