At First – It Sucks…


OK, again, we’ve all been there. The excruciating breakup. The breakup where your soul is ripped out, cut up, set on fire, dropped to the pavement & stomped on til it’s obliterated. (Yup. Been there)



Years later with the understanding of best friends, therapy & even support groups, (and in extreme cases – psychotropic drugs, lol) you can finally look back with some perspective and garner an appreciation for the experience. You KNOW it’s behind you when you can:

1)  …Analyze events solely from the perspective of YOUR learning with no reference to them at all. 

2)  … Realize that the intensity of emotion caused HUGE rockets of desire into the Universe to more fully define the relationship that you DO want.

3)   …Feel sincere appreciation that you have the ability & capacity to feel deep emotion for another human that motivates you to be the best human being you can be.

4) … Understand that it is NEVER another person’s responsibility to:  1) make you happy or   2) be the keeper of your peace of mind. The keys to your sanity, peace of mind & happiness belong in YOUR pocket – not theirs.

5)  …Realize the person will always be a mile marker in your history & be OK with it.

6)  …Stop analyzing it and put it to bed.


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