Maui – Wowee – It’s Christmas!


Maui - Wowee - It's Christmas!

This is my & my boy’s 1st Holiday Season living in a big East Coast city. .Well, it’s my first one back in 10 years. My boy’s very 1st on the East Coast. He is used to Christmas on the beach on Maui. While living on Maui, I longed for snow, a chill in the air & “city sidewalks..” Now that I am back, I am confused as to where home is :-/ There’s always a life lesson… Sometimes we manifest what we wanted before we take the time to align with what we want. How does this occur? We take action before waiting for the universe to bring together all the cooperative components. Not necessarily a mistake, just not easy, seamless or flowing.

Mele Kaliki Maka and Joyous Holidays to you all!


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