How Do You Know?…


This post is not going to be about what you think… How do you know?..When you are online dating, or dating in general, how do you know when you are in alignment with yourself as you go through this process? I know I am coming from the right place with this dating thing when I am at peace with whatever outcome unfolds. If the other person is not calling or connecting, am I sitting by the phone or computer? Do I feel rejected if a whole day goes by without connection? Another’s decisions & actions say NOTHING about me. My mental gyrations about why they aren’t communicating with me are a waste of energy over something that is none of my business. Some days are better than others. But I KNOW I am connected to inner source when I feel peace of mind. When I am able to accept that another person will make decisions & actions to bring themselves happiness and I am at peace with this, then I know I am aligned with my own soul. 


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