The Concept of Soul Mate

soul mate

  • 1.  

a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

I am not a fan of the concept of one’s “Soul Mate”. Our society has us all googley-eyed over this idea that another person is on this earth to “complete” us. Really?… So you are not whole? Something is missing? You need another person to provide circumstances in which you will find lasting happiness? I am not sold. I see people as links in a chain. When a person is “missing” a section of their link then any union will ultimately come apart. It is only when two units that are whole are linked together that the joining can actually function to create a strong bond. How about mating with one’s own soul? Being complete within oneself. In this way we can attract from the universe another person who also feels whole & complete already. Then neither party depends solely on another to provide ultimate happiness. When that peace, joy, & inspiration comes from within, you can allow others in your life to just be completely themselves & seek their own path to happiness without catering to your need to be fulfilled. Giving someone else the responsibility of “fulfilling” you is placing too much burden on their shoulders. It is NOT their purpose on earth to join to you & behave in a way to provide you happiness. Do the inside work to be your own “soul mate”.

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