Birthdays in the Vortex


Had it not been for the personalized Google banner greeting me with birthday wishes this morning, I may have forgotten, lol!



Some days one just needs to take time to reflect and appreciate where you are in life; how much you really have and how much you’ve accomplished thus far in life. BUT, I am slowly learning that the key to maintaining that youthful hope & outlook as the years pass is to always be saying, “What’s next? Come on, Life – watcha’ gonna’ bring me?!” Looking for and eagerly anticipating what’s around the bend helps us to remain young in thought & attitude, just like children anticipating Christmas. Sometimes this is a challenge to do in our dating/love/relationship life. What will the Universe send next so we can grow, learn & enjoy this life even more fully?… This, I think, is the right perspective to have fun in this online dating realm. Happy Birthday to all you Sagitarrians! 


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