Be Brave – State Who You Are and What You Want


Have you been dating online very long? Have you experienced fun & gotten what you are seeking? Unfortunately, there are a number of folks who are jaded, skeptical or even bitter about their online dating experiences. Too many are approaching the entire process from a “sales-pitch” viewpoint. i.e.,”I’m really nice and sincere. I will cook for you. I love to walk together along the beach, watching the sunset, etc….PLEASE buy me!” The point of attraction for this kind of profile is “I am selling myself & I hope someone wants me”. You can imagine that a mish-mash of respondents will occur. Why? Because every human being wants a really nice, sincere partner who will cook for them & walk along the beach with them. To attract the partner/s that match you enough to date for a while, you must use the “lighthouse” approach.


Shine a light brightly on who you are and EXACTLY what you seek and those who are attracted to what you send out there will come to you. They will already have much in common with you & will already match your expectation. How do I use this “lighthouse” approach specifically?… Well, my book is coming soon. The answer is about to arrive.  Lol!


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