Stop Focusing on What You Do Not Want


What happens when you focus on something? It gets amplified..


Something unwanted happens on a date or in your relationship. You get disturbed or upset about it. You call your best friend to go out for coffee or get a drink so you can vent and get their take on things…. Very typical scenario. I followed this pattern for years. And for years negative things happened in my dating/relationship life. You’d think I’d have learned this lesson earlier – YOU GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU FOCUS ON!!!  I learned about Law of Attraction and the patterns of events that I created became evident. I let an event affect my mood and then I amplified that mood by talking about the event for weeks with friends. This in turn sent out a huge “Bat Signal” out to the universe to send more of exactly what I was thinking and talking about. STOP doing this! Yes, it’s challenging not to talk about something when it feels unbearable. Remember, dredging things up to “get to the bottom” of why things went wrong simply draws MORE negative stuff to you. Start focusing instead on a part of your life that is going well. So your conversation with your BFF over after-work drinks goes more like…”Yeah, that thing with —-ended last week. Whatever, I’m stoked because my boss told me that I could be in line for that big promotion in about 3 months! etc., etc., etc.” Give no energy to negative events and you will see a shift in what the Universe brings you.


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