A Perspective on “Rejection”


Image  In my humble opinion, how one views an episode of “rejection” determines your ability to have fun & be resilient in the online dating process. Try to imagine that every person who is single and dating is in the process of perfecting an “age-old family recipe”. This analogy will redefine “rejection” in the dating process for you. How many times did your grandma or great grandma modify, change or tweak her 40 year old recipe for lasagna or chicken soup or meatloaf? Do you think she perfected this recipe at age 18? Or is it likely she tried many, many different spices, ingredients & cooking techniques before reaching today’s version of “Grandma’s Meatballs”? I’m guessing that the latter is true. Even so, as the years passed maybe she wanted to modify her recipe to make her famous apple pie less sweet or make her lasagna more rich. View dating in EXACTLY this way & you will enjoy the process. Even if all you are searching for is a casual relationship/s, this concept can still apply. Dating is a process in which people try new and different partners or approaches until they come to the perfect combination that suits them. When you are on a date or dating someone and your relationship ends or the dates with that person stop, you are not being rejected. Both you & that person are working to tweak that recipe of what works for yourselves. It has NOTHING to do with who you are, or the quality of person that you are. It certainly says NOTHING about your like-ability or love-ability. When a romantic partner leaves your life (even if you only went out to coffee twice), it is simply a fine-tuning of the recipe that you are both trying to perfect. Glean all the good stuff from your experience with that person & use that list to perfect the recipe of what you are seeking. When you can view online dating from this perspective, rejection isn’t rejection at all. Happy Vortex-Dating!


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