Talking Over Coffee


Online / Internet Dating & Law of Attraction

Talking Over Coffee

It all happens over coffee – friendship, meetings, first dates, and the birth of fun concepts. How many friends,colleagues,clients,co-workers have asked me how to get to the coffee date & what to do when you get there & what do I do after?…Been at this online dating gig for over a dozen years. My purpose isn’t always “to find The One”. Some years my purpose was just to go out with someone attractive & interesting. Some years I was looking for something more substantial. Nevertheless, in over a dozen years, I’ve experienced everything in the world of online dating that one can imagine. Many highs & lows. (Thank goodness the highs far outnumbered the lows). I’ve met many, many wonderful people & had hundreds of intriguing conversations. I was going about this process seemingly randomly until I learned about the Law of Attraction. Then certain patterns came to light. Certain…

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