When the Pleasantly Unexpected Happens


When something you’ve wanted (maybe a chance meeting or a relationship) occurs easily (not necessarily as you expected but easily), that’s the universe lighting up your runway; your path. My advice- take the easy, lighted path. Let me give you just one example of this in my life: 11 years ago, after working for the U.S.government for about 9 yrs., I turned in my resignation. I dreamed of living in the U.S.Virgin Islands while working as a personal trainer and bartender for the next 10+ years. In my last 3 weeks at work, I was a guest speaker at a conference. After my presentation a government contractor, having heard about my impending unemployment, offered me a sweet job on Maui, Hawaii. I accepted the offer. Had I not resigned to begin with, I would never had received that offer. Had I not accepted that job offer, my son would not be here today. When the universe sends you a lighted pathway of unexpected, positive circumstances, GRAB THE CHANCE AND RUN WITH IT!!!  It takes courage to live the life one dreams about but I don’t believe in living with regret…


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