Worry and Guilt – Two Useless Emotions


How much of the day do you spend in either of these two emotions?… Recognize when you feel either of these and consciously switch your thoughts to something else, ANYTHING else! (i.e.,changing the color of the bathroom tile!)

These two emotions are baseless, idiotic wastes of time and energy. Worry wastes energy on future events and guilt wastes energy on past events. Sadly, many of us were conditioned to spend lots of time doing both. Cut it out!  😉


2 thoughts on “Worry and Guilt – Two Useless Emotions

  1. I totally agree, Chris. And you’re right, unfortunately many of us were conditioned to use moral judgement systems founded on worry and guilt! At higher levels of consciousness, where you can consciously create your own reality, worry and guilt simply do not exist. Higher levels of consciousness are founded on happiness, being centered, and unconditional acceptance.

    • Yes,Mike. Years can go by wasting precious time & energy focused on unwanted or negative events. Excitement & anticipation of great things happening or great things about to happen – much more productive use of time!

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