Like Attracts Like


You attract people and circumstances that match your feelings right now.
So if you want to have positive dating experiences, imagine fun times ahead and surround yourself with those who are having the experiences you are wanting to have. For example, when I was choosing a personal trainer (long ago), I chose someone who’s physique I admired. I wanted to look like my trainer & I knew this person could get me there. He had done it & maintained it for himself. Today I am a personal trainer, in large part, due to his inspiration. Likewise, when you want a certain result from your dating experience, choose people who have experienced the result you are looking for. Listen to their story. By associating with people who have the attained the results you are seeking and by imagining their stories, you align yourself with the result you seek. If they are horrible at what they preach, well… For instance, I would NEVER give cooking advice. Lol!


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It’s Not About Sending the “Right” Signal – It’s About Sending YOUR Signal


Trying to behave in order for others to like or approve of you is SOOO exhausting! Do you have the time & energy for that?.. I don’t.  

Don’t do “what’s right” – Do Y-O-U… Doing YOU is ALWAYS right!

Appreciation: Always a Good Place to Start


Since this holiday is all about giving thanks… Even if “everything” is going wrong. Take a look at what’s happening now and appreciate it. You woke up. You have the sight to read this. You obviously have a mobile device or computer. You have enough food to put together a meal today. You have a bed to sleep in tonight. When you feel “abundant & fortunate” in health, love, finances, friendships, etc., MORE abundance comes into your life. 


You can be grateful or you can be ungrateful – what do you want to focus on? Your choice… Happy Holiday!




“It always happens when you least expect it”… We’ve all heard or quoted this one. I’m not a big fan. In fact, I think the OPPOSITE is true, in this sense. An event, person, thing comes into our lives when we EXPECT it can happen; when we BELIEVE it can and WILL happen; when we KNOW it’s going to happen at the best time. Here’s the thing: Once we EXPECT, BELIEVE & KNOW, the next step is to let go & forget about it. Literally – forget about it. A dream starts rolling when you Expect it to happen. It gathers momentum & speed when you Believe it. It comes in perfect timing when you KNOW down deep that it’s already occurring. So my quote goes like this, “It happens when you are completely ready to accept the reality of it.”

Question is, are you ready or are you still rolling around in doubt?…

Peace Comes After a Break-Up When You Can Accept 2 Things:


Peace Comes After a Break-Up When You Can Accept 2 Things:

1) That person that just left only left because s/he is NOT a match to your ideal future. They were only in your life so you could define your perfect relationship even further. AND…

2) Looking to another to feed your soul or complete your being is looking in the wrong place. Hold up a mirror – aha, there is the person you must look to for fulfillment.

Only then will you be a match to your perfect relationship.