I am an independent dating coach currently partnering with Law of Attraction-based online international dating website, Date and Grow.( dateandgrow.com )  I provide dating coaching for Date and Grow’s Gold Members.



My new eBook “Enjoy Online Dating Using the Law of Attraction”  is the PERFECT guide to those Law of Attraction followers who are delving into the Online/Internet Dating world and is available through Amazon Kindle. (Download the Kindle app to your phone or Kindle program to your PC for FREE). And paperback copy is now available at Lulu.com:


(Special thanks to Mike DeForbes and Donna DeForbes for their help with illustration, graphic design, and editing/formatting)

  • Need one-on-one guidance on how to date “LoA-Style”? Private e-mail consultations are available for personalized guidance in your dating journey AND
  • If you need healp establishing a health/fitness/nutrition routine and are looking for an alternative to costly personal training sessions, I also provide weekly email fitness programs (Video assistance is also available) and basic nutrition guidelines tailored just for you. A unique system of accountability can be built into your fitness consultation program. Certified through the American Council on Exercise,Silver Sneakers and Jonny G. Spinning and a full-time personal trainer/instructor since 2007

Just contact me at vortexdating@gmail.com for a description of very affordable service packages and my link to PayPal.

I earned a B.A. in Psychology (w/emphasis in child development) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Attended graduate school at La Salle University for Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Worked for the Dept.of the Army as a civilian personnel specialist overseas in Germany for 4 years. Returned to Philadelphia to work for 3 years as a caseworker in Child Protective Services. Began working for the federal youth development program, Job Corps in 1995 in Philadelphia. I accepted a job reassignment & moved to Hawaii in 2003. After having my son & eventually becoming a single-mom, I ended my Job Corps career as the Site Director of the #1 campus in the country (fortunately located on the top-rated tropical island in the world). In 2007, while living on the island, I switched careers to become a fitness trainer and group exercise instructor. Later I simultaneously added part-time primary school gym teacher and 7-day/week radio DJ on the island’s #1 radio station to my “to-do” list. Today, I have returned to the mainland with my son and am a full-time fitness trainer/instructor. I have been using dating websites as my primary source of dating prospects since 1999. I have been a strong believer in Law of Attraction tenets since summer 2011. Feel free to leave comments or email me if you prefer anonymity. Have fun in the process! ~Chris


6 thoughts on “About

  1. iamyourme

    Thank you for being here. I also thank myself for attracting you to me and vise versa. I am seeking my mate and have not enjoyed on-line dating. I recent months I have brought to my experience Abraham-HIcks and have found home! So now I have been inspired to type in the catagory of A-H on WordPress and here you are! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Oh! You certainly are sweet! I appreciate you comment. Thanks for reaching out. I have SOO many friends, colleagues, clients who cannot find joy in the process of online dating but have no time or interest in finding people to date “out in the real world”. So what’s one to do? I know this process can bring fun & joy so I share with others. My new book would be of great help to you. It has focused exercises and gives one a route in which to navigate the process to find happiness. Best of luck in your journey & stay in touch!

    • Lol! I was trying to stay on the D/L! Yeah, it was FUN to do the show. I am actually friends with Phil’s wife, Val, from years ago. They had a different skew & perspective on the topic of dating than I represent but that’s OK. They have a listenership that they must cater to. Thanks for listening! I hope it was amusing and perhaps shed some light on this fun topic…

    • Thank you, Royal, I hope the post brought some insight or at least comfort knowing many are challenged in the same way. Best of luck on your journey & hope to hear from you again!

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